Main Entry: bloa·ta·tion (noun)

1. To “have bloatation” is to possess the unfortunate quality of being bloated. See: bloated.

Example: I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that whole box of hard pretzels, those three packs of Fruit Roll Ups, that lobster ravioli, those two Icee Freeze Pops and then licked the inside of the popcorn bag last night; I STILL have bloatation.


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How does it feel to be a budget cut?
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  1. Chelsea says:

    it’s all that weed, mang…

  2. Daleen says:

    This was the first thing that showed up when I searched for “Too Much.” Tagging = right on.

  3. claire says:

    “Uh ! It’s a poo d’etat in there ! *points to stomach*” -Ryan Lattanzio

    Repooplican – the intentional miss-pronunciation of ‘republican’ intended to mock the right-wing views and ideals of said party.

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